Author = Babaeian, Iman
Modeling and spatial analysis of snow depth in Northern Iran based on database from European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Volume 51, Issue 4, January 2020, Pages 651-671


Behrooz Sari Sarraf; Habibeh Naghizadeh; Aliakbar Rasouly; Saeid Jahanbakhsh; Iman Babaeyan

Capability of PRECIS Regional Climate Model for Modelling Regional Precipitations of Iran

Volume 43, Issue 77, January 2012, Pages 125-140

Iman Babaeian; R Modirian; M Karimian; Sh Malbusi

Climate Change Assessment over Iran in the Future Decades Using MAGICC-SCENGEN Model

Volume 42, Issue 72, December 2010

F Abassi; M Habibi Nokhandan; L Goli Mokhtari; Sh Malbousi