About Journal

Physical Geography Research is the nationally-refereed publication of the Institute of Geography in Unversity of Tehran. The Institute is the principal body representing geographers and promoting the study and application of geography in Iran. It was founded in 1955 and since then has promoted, supported, and defended Iranian geography.
Physical Geography Research aims to advance innovative, theoretically informed, methodologically rigorous, high-quality work that shows the strength and diversity of all parts of the discipline in geography. University of Tehran Press(UTP) publishes quarterly the journal as continuous online content.

This journal covers all aspects of:

Biogeography & landscape ecology
Human-environment interaction

 Aeolian processes and landforms

 Coastal and marine processes

Coastal dunes and arid environments

 DEM, GIS, and remote sensing methods and applications

Environmental hazards

Environmental modelling

Estuaries and lakes

Fluvial processes and landforms

Fluvial sequences

Glacial processes and landforms

 Hillslopes and soil erosion

Karst and soils

 Mass movement

Quaternary environmental change and dating

Slopes and periglacial processes

Theoretical and quantitative geomorphology