Aims and Scope

The primary objective of Physical Geography Research is to contribute to the scientific development of the country, particularly in the field of geographical sciences, by facilitating the publication of high-quality scientific research articles. The journal aims to provide a platform for faculty members of natural sciences as well as scholars and researchers from other academic and research centers to share their scientific and research findings.

The quarterly publication addresses a broad range of issues, problems, questions, and theoretical and scientific challenges in fields such as planning, through comprehensive presentation and review. In today's dynamic and rapidly evolving world, where research activities and reflections are essential for effective responses, the journal serves as a specialized and scientific platform to integrate research efforts and foster a cohesive academic and research environment. By offering opportunities to present scientific activities and research achievements, the journal facilitates scientific-research communication and interaction, thereby promoting professional awareness and generating practical and problem-solving insights in the mentioned fields.

Additionally, Physical Geography Research aspires to gain recognition and indexing in reputable databases such as SCOPUS, further establishing its scholarly standing and expanding its reach in the academic community.