What is Physical Geography Research's policy on advertising?

Advertising Policy

At Physical Geography Research we are committed to transparency and the highest ethical standards in our publishing practices. As part of our commitment to providing an optimal reading experience and maintaining the integrity of our content, we have developed the following advertising policy:

  • Types of advertising: Physical Geography Research will consider advertising opportunities that are consistent with the scholarly nature of our journal and relevant to our readership. We accept advertisements relating to scientific conferences, academic events, educational programmes, and products or services of interest to the field of physical geography. We do not accept advertisements that promote non-scientific or inappropriate content.

  • Decision-making: The decision to accept or reject advertising requests is made by our editorial team in consultation with our publishing partners. We carefully evaluate each advertising proposal to ensure its relevance, integrity and appropriateness for our readership. Our editorial team has complete autonomy in accepting or rejecting advertisements, ensuring that advertising decisions are separate and independent from editorial decisions.

  • Separation of advertising from editorial content: At Physical Geography Research we maintain a strict separation between advertising and editorial content. Advertisements will be clearly distinguishable from published articles and will not influence the editorial decision-making process in any way. It is our policy that advertising should not compromise the objectivity, integrity or credibility of our published content.

  • Online advertising behaviour: On our online platform, advertising will not be linked to reader behaviour or content. Advertisements will not appear randomly or based on individual user preferences. We will ensure that our readers have a consistent and uninterrupted reading experience free from advertising interference.

  • Editorial independence: Advertisements in Physical Geography Research do not influence the editorial decisions of the journal. Our editorial team operates independently and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of scientific rigour and integrity in the selection and publication of research articles.

Please note that our advertising policy is subject to regular review and may be updated to reflect evolving industry standards and best practice. We reserve the right to reject any advertisement that does not meet our guidelines or is not consistent with the mission and values of our journal.

For further enquiries or to submit an advertising proposal, please contact our editorial team at [ jphgr@ut.ac.ir]. We appreciate your interest in advertising with Physical Geography Research and look forward to the opportunity to work together to support the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of physical geography

Is there a charge for printing the article?

Yes. If the article is accepted, the amount of 6,000,000 Rials will be received for the cost of printing.

Can I simultaneously send various manuscripts?

No. When you send a paper for peer review you must wait for the result. Once it is accepted and the peer review process is over, you can send another manuscript.

Is it OK to simultaneously send a paper to various journals?

No. This is against the codes of COPE. If one does so, his/her article will not be published. In case it is already published, the article will be retracted. Then the name of the author(s) will enter our blacklist and no manuscript will be ever accepted from the author(s).