The Measurement of Annual Movement of Alamkooh Glaciers



The presence of glacial deposits is among the most important evidences of quaternary climatic changes. The Aalamkooh and Thakht-E-Solieman Glaciers are the samples of those glaciers in the Alborz Mountains. All Iranian and foreign researchers who have worked on the Alamkooh glaciers believe the glaciers of northern Alborz are parts of active ones in Iran. The objective of this research is investigation of the previous performed works about the dynamics of glaciers through strict and quantitative measuring of Glacier motions. For reaching to this objective we considered the sections on glacier tongues and marked them during a four-years period which their changes were measured per year. The results show that the Alamkooh glaciers due to global warming are gradually melting. However It seems that in glacier time their activates served much more than this time. At present, they move in deep direction of valley with the maximum rate of 2.30 m. in each year. The existence of glacier landform, ice cores by the end of glacier tongue, change of volume of surface moraine, the presence of rimaye fissure at the end of glacier cirques, and destruction of climber’s housing made on the glacier tongue are counted as the most evidences of moving and activities of the glaciers.