The Military Importance of Frontier Transportation Networks in East-Azarbayjan



Manoeuvre, is One of the principles of war in most of the world’s armies. Mobility and manoeuvre of the operational and support forces in the battle fields occur in bed of natural and cultural geographic factors, i.e, avenue approach and frontier transportation networks. So for this reason analyzing this geographical Factors in skills such as line identification in tactical and operational levels will perform by communicational and operational commanders and officers. East-Azarbyjan is one of the 16 frontier province of Iran, which is always considered as a chief of all frontier provinces. Its extension from East to West and the parallel form of its mountains areas limit civic relations with outpost areas just from especial axises. Axisis without proper road-connections is deficient in military activitites. So, a deep survey on the importance of transportation system in this province is quite necessary for militarist. In this research for military analysis digital information pads were created with the use of Arc gis 9.2 software to format pad for east Azarbayjan, the leading frontier accesses were recognized and various tactical dimensions like control points, defence positions, beacon zones, concealment, camouflage, daily tonnage capacity and geographical positions were analyzed. After ward, numerous maps from beacon zones, straight and non straight scopes, linear profiles, proper and substitutional strands for frontier roads were prepared and the posed questions were responded and the research hypothesis was tested.