The Investigation of Changes Area and Vegetation of Siahkooh Kavir by Used Remote Sensing Data


A great part of Iran’s area, especially Yazd province is formed as deserted areas. Kavir Siahkooh is one of the most important desert areas of province. The researches show that the arid areas have an ideal condition for remote sensing and it can consider and show the plant coverage of the area .The aim of this study is to evaluate Kavir Siahkooh plant coverage and it’s comprise with the data received from remote sensing. Data used in this research are TM, ETM+ Landsat satellite on the dates September 1990 and 2000.
With the use of vegetation index (NDVI) on two series of satellite data kinds of plants and area are determined. The method of this research is correlation and comparison. The interpretation of data are done through computer ,S.P.S.S software and IDRISI.
The results show that kavir area is not changed in the period of ten years and the best vegetation index is NDVI Index for the study area. Regarding the importance of remote sensing and it application, it is proposed to use the satellite data especially from the images of high resolution and up to date for area of study. Secondly it is proposed that this area Investgate for purposes of soil moisture, salinity and salty crust with remote sensing data.

Keywords : Siahkooh, Kavir, Playa, Remote sensing ,Vegetation index, NDVI, Ardakan.