Geomorphic Assessment of Active Tectonic in the Saeedabad–chai Drainage Baisn (North Slope of Sahand Mountain)



In this study, the quaternary deformation and tectonic activity of Saeedabad-chai drainage basin, are assessed using geomorphic approach. This drainage basin is located in northern slope of Sahand Mountain. North Tabriz Fault (NTF), is passing from the Saeedabad-chai basin. Variation in the morphology of mountain front provied the basis for geomorphic assessment of tectonic activity. Therefore, it is used from geomorphic Index as Stream Length Gradiant Index (SL), Asymmetry Factor (AF), Topographic Symmetry Factor (T), Drainage Basin ShapeRatio (Bs ), Mountain Front Sinusity (Smf), Ratio of valley – floor with to vally height (Vf), Percentage undissected mountain factors (Eu), Topographical maps, Digital Elevatiom Model (DEM), satellite images and Autocad map, Arc/view software. The results of this study that estimated by Index of relative active tectonic (Iat) , indicated that the value of tectonic activity in the Saeedabad-chai drainage basin, is high.