Author = Karimi Ahmadabad, Mostafa
Paleo temperature reconstruction using Juniperus species dendroclimatology in the north of Kerman province

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 April 2022


Mohammad Mahdi Abadijou Ravari; Ghasem Azizi; Mostafa Karimi

synoptic analysis of precipitation and Widespread spring thunderstorm in North - West Iran

Volume 54, Issue 1, June 2022, Pages 95-110


mohammad saleh gerami; Mostafa Karimi; Ghasem Azizi; somayeh rafati

Arabian anticyclone’s spatial variations at 850 hPa simultaneously with precipitation of October to March in Iran

Volume 53, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 509-529


Mostafa Karimi; Fahime Noruzi; Mahnaz Jafari; Faramarz Khoshakhlagh; Aliakbar Shamsipour

Evaluating the performance of the reanalyzed ERA-Interim database in temporal-spatial distribution and wind speed trend in eastern Iran

Volume 52, Issue 4, January 2021, Pages 515-533


Mohammad Hashemzadeh; Ghasem Azizi; Mostafa Karimi; Faramarz Khoshakhlagh; Ali Akbar Shamsipour

Synoptic patterns of cold waves of recent decades in Iran (2004 - 2013)

Volume 52, Issue 2, July 2020, Pages 165-177


Mostafa Karimi; Nemat Ahmadi; Mehrdad mohamad Moradiyan; Somayeh Rafati

Annual Variation of the Height of Urban Boundary Layer of Tehran

Volume 52, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 37-50


Mojtaba Mahdian Mahforouzi; Aliakbar Shamsipour; Mostafa Karimi Ahmadabad; Peyman Zawarreza

The role of transmitted moisture changes in occurrence of drought and wet years in Iran

Volume 51, Issue 4, January 2020, Pages 545-562


Mostafa Karimi Ahmadabad; Mahnaz Jafari; Faramarz Khoshakhlagh; Saeed Bazgir

The Role of Sistan 120 Days Wind in Thermal Advection of East and Southeast Iran

Volume 49, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 477-489


Shoaieb Abkharabat; Mostafa Karimi; Amanallah Fathnia; Mohamad Hamed Shambaiati

The influence of lower tropospheric circulation of Arabian high pressure on Iran precipitation

Volume 48, Issue 4, January 2017, Pages 569-587


Mostafa Karimi; Faramarz Khoshakhlagh; Saeed Bazgir; Mahnaz Jafari

Dynamical- synoptical analysis of summer precipitation process in Southeast Iran

Volume 48, Issue 3, October 2016, Pages 335-349


Shoaieb Abkharabat; Majid Rezaeibanafsheh; Saeed Jahanbakhsh Asl; Mostafa Karimi; Ali Akbar Rasouli

Assessment of the Low Level Jets Effects on MCSS Formation in the Southwest Iran

Volume 48, Issue 1, April 2016, Pages 82-69


Somayeh Rafati; Amanolah Fatnia; Mostafa Karimi

Synoptic Analysis of the Conditions for Occurrence of Mesoscale Convective Systems

Volume 46, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 137-156


Somayeh Rafati Alashti; Zahra Hejazizadeh; Mostafa Karimi

Study on Physical Surface Temperature Patterns in Different Weather Conditions

Volume 46, Issue 1, May 2014, Pages 59-76


Ali Akbar Shamsipour; Ghasem Azizi; Mostafa Karimi Ahmadabad; Masumeh Moghbel