Volume & Issue: Volume 49, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 381-556 

Full length article

Spatio-temporal variations of snow cover in the southern slope of central Alborz

Pages 381-393


Ghasem Azizi; Mojtaba Rahimi; Hossien Mohammadi; Faramarz Khoshakhlagh

Identification of snow reservoirs in Iran

Pages 395-408


Mohammad Sadegh Keikhosrvai Kiany; Seyed Abolfazl Masoudian

The Analysis of Seasonal Precipitation Time Series in Iran

Pages 457-475


Jafar Masoumpour Samakosh; Abdollah Jalilian; Ehteram Yari

The Role of Sistan 120 Days Wind in Thermal Advection of East and Southeast Iran

Pages 477-489


Shoaieb Abkharabat; Mostafa Karimi; Amanallah Fathnia; Mohamad Hamed Shambaiati

Nature and structure of the atmospheric circulation in pervasive rains of spring, Iran

Pages 523-539


Esmaeil Haghighi; Mohammad Hissein Gholizadeh; Mahdi Doostkamian; Fatemeh Ghaderi