Main Subjects = Climate and Climate Change
Analysis of the Trend and Spatial Variation of Aridity in the Future Climate of Iran

Volume 55, Issue 2, August 2023, Pages 25-50


Kobra Soltani; jafar masoompour samakosh; Firouz Mojarrad; Sahar Hadi Pour; Abdollah Jalilian

Projecting changes in the thermal comfort of coastal tourists in Hormozgan province

Volume 55, Issue 2, August 2023, Pages 71-87


Asadollah Khoorani; Ali Moradi; Abbas Moradi

Evaluation of changes in reservoir volume and inflow to Dez Dam under climate change conditions

Volume 54, Issue 3, January 2023, Pages 365-384


elaheh asgari; mohammad baaghideh; Alireza Entezari; Majid Hossaini; Asghar Kamyar

Forecast of water levels in the Caspian Sea based on the sixth IPCC report

Volume 54, Issue 2, September 2022, Pages 257-272


Zahra Eeslami; Abdolazim Ghanghermeh