Volume & Issue: Volume 52, Issue 4, January 2021, Pages 515-687 

Full length article

Evaluating the performance of the reanalyzed ERA-Interim database in temporal-spatial distribution and wind speed trend in eastern Iran

Pages 515-533


Mohammad Hashemzadeh; Ghasem Azizi; Mostafa Karimi; Faramarz Khoshakhlagh; Ali Akbar Shamsipour

Analysis of Equilibrium Response of Damghan Area Rivers to Tectonic and Erosion Processes Using SPL Model

Pages 535-551


Mojtaba Yamani; Abolghasem Goorabi; Mohammad Reza Ghassemi; Seyed Mohammad Zamanzadeh; Fatemeh Kiaroostami

Frequency Distribution Patterns of Precipitable Water in Iran

Pages 553-565


Manizheh Kianipour; Seyed Abolfazl Masoodian; Hossein Asakereh

Estimating of Biomass and Wheat Dry-Farming Using Landsat OLI Imagery

Pages 589-604


Milad Bagheri; Ali Darvishi Bolorani; Saeid Hamzeh; Mohammadreza Jelokhani Niaraki